Organizational Development (OD)

We facilitate overall Organizational Development (OD), that encompasses entire 360 deg organization, that includes:

  • Setting Vision, Mission and Value System
  • Build a long-term strategic plan
  • Build suitable and agile organizational structure for executing the plan
  • Plan for optimal usage of capabilities and capacities and help in implementation
  • Facilitate implementation of suitable systems and processes, including processes and systems for Product/Project Management Systems.
  • Facilitate implementation of PMS (Performance Management System) at the Organisation and Employee levels
  • Facilitate implementation of strategic reviews and setting performance goals.
  • Facilitate management of financial reviews, budgeting, and cashflows.

Capacity & Capability Enhancements

Organizations have Production Capacity and Capability like, handling number and size of products and projects to achieve desired / planned turnover.

We help organizations build and enhance the Capacity and Capability through improvements in:

  • Infrastructure: Plant and Machinery
  • Related Systems and processes
  • Refine or create SoPs
  • Enabling systems

Special Functional Enhancements

Human Resources:
Skills And Performance Assessment and Enhancement

We help organizations implement PMS: PMS: Performance Management System It facilitates definition, review and improvements of:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Behavioral (Skills) Competencies and Functional (Professional) Competences
  • KRAs, KPIs and Goals
  • Performance assessments, including identification of Strengths and the improvements needed
  • Recognitions leading to motivation
  • Knowledge and skills building

Production, Process, Quality, Stores, Maintenance etc.

We help organizations for:

  • Reviewing and enhancing processes related to Production – Continuous, discreet, line and related functions including Stores, Maintenance, Quality assurance etc.
  • Building SOPs
  • Digitizing and moving towards digital applications

Project/ Product Management:
Process enhancement & Implementation of Project and Product Management processes

We help organizations to set and enhance systems to ensure efficient and effective Project and Product Management:

  • Validating the Product/Market fit.
  • Ensuring concise and comprehensive product specifications
  • Product development and Quality assurance processes
  • Product enhancement and support process
  • Product Lifecycle Management process


We also help service organizations to ensure efficient Project Management systems and processes:

  • Customer requirements management
  • Functional and System requirements
  • Team and Resources management
  • Project delivery and deployment management
  • Project Quality and support management

Enabling Systems:
Selecting, deploying, enhancing systems for: ERP, SCM, CRM, MM, PPC, etc. Digitalization – Industry 4.0, Automation – process and systems

With the objective of achieving Digitalization and Automation and implement Industry 4.0: We help organizations for identifying further needs, Or selecting, deploying specific products for enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, MM, PPC, SCM etc. If the organizations already have a deployed IT system that is currently not getting utilized due to some issues, we can analyze and try to resolve the issues and provide help in coming back on track.

Organizational Effectiveness Benchmarking

Assessment of the Current status of the organization on specific parameters.

This service benchmarks the Organization on specific parameters, to:

  • Achieve clarity on the current status
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan improvements based on priorities