About Us

A powerhouse of more than 700+ person-years of real-world experience with hands-on involvement in diverse Industries, geo-demographics and technologies, diverse multi-domain knowledge, skills, competencies, expertise & most important the ‘wisdom’. 

What we Deliver

  • Depth and Breadth of Experience & Analytical Skills
  • Innovative, Flexible and Appropriate Customised Solutions
  • Commitment to Positive Outcomes
  • Global Outlook with ‘Indian Mind’

Our Vision

To be the top preferred Consulting services provider, known for empowering SMEs to resolve their critical challenges and traverse their growth trajectory.

Our Mission

To keep adding value to our client's operations, by leveraging our experience and expertise, and to help them achieve desired improvements and results.

From the Desk of the Founder Chairman

Season’s Greeting!

Our country is now on the point of inflection for Economic Growth, especially the SME segment. One need not over-emphasize the importance of Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) sector in the modern times. Such units play a strategic role in growth of our Economy. The motivation to form V3C3E3 Group is to provide specialized ‘Management & Engineering Consulting Support to Small & Medium Enterprises’ of the growing Economy. SME organizations need World Class Strategic Advice & Support Services for their growth and sustainability. V3C3E3 Group has the requisite knowledge, experience and expertise to support SME Units and help them grow.
V3C3E3, as the name suggests, believes in the set of values, principles, culture and convictions that form the core of V3C3E3’s aspirations and activities. It is the powerhouse of more than 1600+ person-years of aggregate real-world experience and hands-on involvement in diverse Industries, Technologies and Geo-Demographics.

These professionals have carried out various prestigious assignments in their career, in India as well as in many countries the world over. They are uniquely positioned to share their knowledge, experience and accumulated wisdom for the customers and society at large. The experienced professionals can quickly grasp the nuances of the modern world and develop strategies & action plans that are practical, effective for temporal Business Development and Growth for the client organizations. V3C3E3 Group envisions, conceptualizes & strives to commit to the desired outcome for our clients. We work with them on their toughest challenges & help them exceed their expectation while unlocking their full potential & competencies to be leaders in their respective businesses.

We work diligently towards two themes ‘Strategic Management & Operational Excellence’ for on-going benefit for our customers’ organizations. Additionally, we provide hand-holding support & ensure effective Management of Risks involved & ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results. Providing appropriate training & development of skills and competencies also forms an integral part of our approach of towards Consulting. This has helped many organizations on their growth path.

We have been operating since 2014 and worked with many esteemed customers who have expressed confidence and satisfaction for the quality and effectiveness of the services provided by our ‘V3C3E3 Consulting Teams’. We will continue to provide such valuable services for all our clients and help them achieve the desired Goals!! We seek satisfaction in the ‘Real Growth’ for our clients! With Us You Win!! Let us work together for Your Growth & Prosperity!


Dr. Girish Kelkar

Chairman V3C3E3 Consultants pvt Ltd