By Mr.Dhananjay Renavikar
Principal Consultant V3C3E3 Consultants Pvt Ltd, Ex Chief Manager (Recovery) Bank Of Maharashtra Pune East Zone.

The outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, evidently sent economies across the globe in a very difficult situation and it is also evident that despite immediate relief measures taken by the Government, the recovery to normalize the situation is going to take time. The MSME (Micro, Small. Medium Enterprises) sector suffered because of disruption in Demand and Supply and massive reverse migration of labour force across the nation.
The Government, with an intention to boost demand and supply announced series of stimulus packages during the critical phase viz. BHARAT ABHIYAN, ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT to get back normalcy and achieve sustainable progress. Overall recovery of economical activities, curbing of inflation and controlling fiscal deficit has been main concern in such corrective measures of the Government over a period of time.
The contribution in Exports of various products/services by MSME is noteworthy and significant; hence measures like rationalization of duty and tariff rates, promoting Research and Development would help this sector with up gradation plans and improve competitiveness in the international markets.
On financial front of MSME Sector, easier access to adequate and timely availability of Credit Facilities from Banks, F/Is, NBFCs and granting adequate moratorium in repayment of the dues is considered necessary. Due to slowdown of Demand, and disruption in supply chains and labour shortage, reassessing of the need of Working Capital, Assets and Liabilities have undergone drastic changes in respect of MSME Sector.
Overall the MSME Sector is in adequate need of recognition by its special status and unique problems.
It is a matter of fact that though this challenging period has given severe setback to everyone to pursue the set respective business/professional goals, there is a silver lining in the form of various opportunities in the coming year/s and this difficult situation shall pass as well.
We V3C3E3 Consultants Pvt. Ltd Pune is a group of professionals from various fields viz. Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, Restructuring, Planning, IT sector etc and have been catering to the genuine needs of the customers with a view to ensuring the sustainable and achievable growth in their various business activities.
In the present economic scenario, it would not be out of place to state that the “Financial Discipline” is a key word to overcome the difficult phase. We have our well established professional contacts with various Financial Institutions, Public Sector Banks and Co-operative Banks viz. The Janata SahakariBank Ltd Pune, The Cosmos Bank Ltd, Pune, The Vishweshwar Co-op. Bank Ltd Pune, The Dombivali Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd and other Banks and we would be happy to offer our financial expertise. This process is like hand holding on long term basis, whereby mutual business/professional interests are protected and in your win we also stand to win.

Following areas of various business disciplines where our expertise would be of immense utility to the various business activities.
1- Value at Risk (VaR) based on the past performance and assess the sustainable growth performance to overcome the present situation and horizontal growth in the future in the competitive market
2- Technical and Financial Assessment
3- Need of urgent financial assistance to resume business activities, based on Demand and Supply position and to approach F/Is, Banks for the purpose.
4- Improvement in Supply Chain Management and reducing the gap of Demand and Supply and reducing the business cycle effectively so as to generate adequate funding for continuation of the business activities
5- Human Resources related issues
6- Implementation of various regulatory guidelines to safe guard business interest.