V3C3E3 Training Modules : USPs

  • V3C3E3 has a panel of experts that has a cumulative experience of over 1600 man-years from array of Technologies and Industry verticals. The associate panel of experts & support organizations provides requisite resources and knowledge base for assignments of V3C3E3.
  • V3C3E3 experts are highly experienced & accomplished professionals and have proven their merit in the field for many decadesee Space with Hosting
  • They have understanding of a larger perspectives but can work on details required for the client organizations
  • V3C3E3 can act as “Single Point of Contact” & provide a range of Consulting Services for SME sectors and Large organizations
  • V3C3E3 has a unique approach to consulting that provides direct participation of an experienced person with hand-holding services for a minimum period of six months to ensure success for the client organization
  • V3C3E3 has world wide contacts and very strong network of professionals/professional organizations that can be very effective for the clients.

Training Modules Developed for SME segment

(These will be tailored to specific requirements of the clients)
The training activities by V3C3E3 can be classified in the following three classes:
  1. The standard Training Modules developed for the benefit of SME segment
  2. The Leadership Development Modules that are conducted over a period of 3-4 months based on the specific needs of SME Units/Group of SME Units(detailed in later section)
  3. Special module for the Coaching for CXOs

1. Training Modules designed by V3C3E3 Group for SME segment

  • Entrepreneurship Development Program / Workshop
  • Vision / Mission / Strategy for the organization
  • Strategic Thinking
  • How to use “Strategy” in day to day Operations”
  • Organizational Development & Organization Structure Design (Issues + Models)
  • Performance Management System (PMS) along with Balanced Score Card approach (BSC)
  • Business Development / Marketing Concepts – Methods –Best Practices
  • Business Planning Concepts & Practices / Development of Business Plans
  • Development of Marketing & Distribution Network for FMCG and Consumer Products.
  • Positioning / Branding & Digital Marketing Fundamentals(Concepts & Practices)
  • Accountable Organizations concepts & practice (OB / OD issues)
  • Introduction to Project Management concepts & methods (based on PMI concepts)
  • Finance for Non Finance Executives
  • Fundamentals of Costing
  • Operational Excellence & Growth through Quality Management
  • Operational Excellence & Productivity Improvement
  • Supply Chain Management & Procurement Management for continued profitability
  • Contract Management
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management
  • Introduction to Theory of Constraints (TOC) for improved Top Line & Bottom Line
  • Japanese Style of Management: Art of Continuous Improvement
  • Transition from Individual Contributor to Supervisor of others
  • Team Building –Challenges
  • Human Resource Planning & Development
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Organization Development & Interventions for specific problem solving assignments – tailored to specific unit being addressed (Customized modules)
  • Career Planning & Succession Planning
  • Management of Innovations & R & D groups
  • Design Thinking for engineering operations

2. V3C33E3 Consultants-Strategic Leadership Program Modules

Phase I
  • Self Awareness & Need for Personality Development
  • Need for NLP & Huna for Self Improvement
  • Emotional Intelligence – How to use EI to improve work performance?
  • Transformation from Individual Contributor to Manager of others – a challenge indeed!
  • Need for better Time Management – to improve effectiveness & quality of your Work / Personal life
  • Fearless Executive
  • How to think using Four Square Diagrams & various models for thinking and effective decision making.
  • How to click with everyone that you meet
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Phase II
  • Unleash the Warrior within
  • Power Principle
  • Leadership Secrets & Practice
  • The art of being Brilliant
  • Productivity Improvement – a challenge for every Organization
  • Leadership styles: Principles & practices
  • Team Building Principles & Practices
  • Critical Success Factors for the teams
  • Book reviews based on the specific assignments given to the participants
  • Innovations & Creativity Concepts & practice
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Team tasks & Outdoor activities
Methodology for Training Modules:
  • Our panel of experts will visit and get familiar with the organization and its operations. After discussions with the leadership team, the group will talk to proposed participants one-on-one to get to know their backgrounds and specific bottlenecks and expectations.
  • Panel of Experts from our side will have one-on-one meetings with each participant during the tenure of the development process to cull out and develop
    • His concerns and challenges
    • His strengths and methods to enhance them
    • Personalized feedback and action plan reviews
  • Development sessions will use the following modes of interaction:
    • PPTX presentations by facilitators to initiate the topic for discussions / learning
    • Presentation of concepts,themes and ideas to initiate of dialogue and discussions with the group.
    • Role-plays and ex-tempo representations by participants, based on the topic being discussed.
    • Group exercises
    • Management games
    • Assignments and Project-work
    • Out-door exercises
    • Pragmatic learning in teams
    • Book review and critique by participants for improving presentation / communication skills
    • Use of Questionnaire for various topics and analysis based on the specific needs identified.
  • Tools & Techniques to be used for the leadership development:
    • Four Square diagram for problem definitions and problem solving
    • Concepts of Belbin’s model for Team Building
    • Use of Kirk Patrick’s Model for effectiveness of Developmental efforts
    • Psychometric analysis for participant’s individual characteristics
    • NEWS module for CXO coaching as per the requirements of the group

3. CXO Coaching Module

What is Executive Coaching?

A one-on-one development process formally contracted between a coach and an Organization / person to help its Senior Managers achieve goals related to professional development and / or business performance. The method is deployed based on one-on-one mode between the coachee and coach.

The recent trends in this discipline have been highly appreciated by senior management personnel allover the world.

Evolution of Coaching

Concept of coaching has been around for many of years.

Coaching to improve organizational performance / individual’s performance and bring out individual’s potential has no clear starting point. The model developed helps to start the process in a natural way.

Most people agree, however, that it wasn’t a common practice until the late 1980s or early 1990s; since that time it has generally been known as coaching.

V3C3E3 has a team of trained coaches that can offer Executive Coaching for the CXOs in SME segments based on the NEWS® concepts and methods along with their own developed exercises and modules.V3C3E3 team is there for well qualified to offer such services based on the needs of the SME clients.

How the process works?
  • The coaching model works on the principle of the NEWS framework as indicated above.
  • The coach works with the coachee with the help of a web questionnaire to identify progress areas and challenges. Prior organization data and manager feedback is input into the process in case of organizational exercise but may not be required for individual cases.
  • Development / Organizational goals set in a 2 way initial meeting between coach, coachee (and manager in case of organizational processes). There could be different solutions / strategies /tools applied as required.
  • The coachee is provided a kit which has the different frameworks and solutions, and the coachee works with the coach on some of them depending on the actual needs.
The total no.of 16 sessions planned for these interventions are spread across 4-6 months.
NEWS® a globally tried and tested Development Framework
Specific queries can be answered based on specific client requests.