Needs and Requirements Analysis of Business ( ERP ) Systems & IT Enablers

In the modern organizations it is impossible to run the organization without an efficient and well conceived IT / ERP systems. However, many SME Organizations do not have adequate knowledge & experience to configure & manage such IT / ERP solutions. V3C3E3 team is in a position to provide advisory & hand holding services to select and implement appropriate IT / ERP solutions for the SME units & ensure smooth working of such modules for the SME segment. The V3C3E3 IT team members have rich and practical experience & expertise to provide such counsel & support to SME units & provide ‘Concept to Implementation’ support in an effective way. They can ensure smooth working of such applications leading to improve effectiveness of Operations.

Analysis of effective use and gaps in Currently deployed IT / ERP Systems

Many of the SME units have a skeleton ERP & IT systems based on many localized solutions. However such solutions are not well configured nor comprehensive. This affects smooth working of the SME unit & derails the operational control in the organization. The V3C3E3 IT /ERP team has very rich and useful /practical experience in implementation of such IT solutions and can steer the SME units clear of the bottlenecks and glitches in smooth running of such application suits in the organization.

Industry 4.0 & Process Automation

The term Industry 4.0 refers to the combination of several major innovations in digital technology & are poised to transform the manufacturing sectors. These technologies include use of advanced robotics & artificial intelligence; sophisticated sensors; cloud computing; the Internet of Things (IoT); data capture & analytics. This is bound to be the direction for the future. V3C3E3 team is well prepared & experienced to handle such technically complex issues & provide cost effective solution for the SME segment.

Automation Integration with Corporate Systems like MES, ERP, PPC, SCM and Executive Dashboards

In the recent times, SME units are in the process of adopting global trends in the manufacturing industry to compete in the international markets & are trying to adopt modern technologies such as Industry 4.0 & IoT in day to day operations. However, SME segment is certainly not well prepared, for making use of such applications for improving the overall performance. In such advanced application environments, one will need to integrate such applications with internal IT, ERP / CRM & SCM application suites & other applications. V3C3E3 team can provide services from Concept stage to Implementation stage for SME units for effective implementation of applications.